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April 5, 2016
Home Is Where The Heart Is

Free your mind, only then can you find what you are looking for. Hmmm.. Kaya'nya agak ga nyambung ya? Judul dengan kalimat pembukanya. Ini tuh ibaratnya mau makan roti pake sambel balado. Yang satu makanan pokok, yang satu pelengkap. Loohhh..?? Cocok dong berarti. Kalo sama-sama makanan pokok atau sama-sama pelengkap yang ada nanti malah overlapping.

Wah, kalo yang ini sih soal lain lagi. Tapi toh kenyataannya walaupun roti udah dinaturalisasi dari berabad-abad yang lalu, dia tetep belum jodoh tuh sama sambel balado. Yaaahh.. Walaupun itu semua balik ke selera masing-masing sih..

Tapi kali ini kita bukan lagi mau ngebahas tentang kuliner. Walaupun saya udah sudah sangat berpengalaman dalam menyajikan indomie telor dalam berbagai bentuk dan rasa, saya belum cukup pd untuk bikin acara saya sendiri.

So, this is another victim of mine. I got an idea, pour it in writing then suddenly something came up and saved the draft. This one might already been here for more than a year or so. I've left this place for quite long time since I decided to move out to Wordpress. It doesn't make any sense to use two platform in managing the same thing, right?

I suppose this writing were meant to be written in my native language as can be read above. But since I have committed use English as a way to improve my writing skill in English, I guess we could just agree that this one shouldn't be an exception. As for what already written, I'd just leave it as it is. It's a memory. There's a reason why I wrote it, though I can't remember about it now.

But I just like it. Seeing that silly part of me. If you speak Indonesian, you must have understood that non of it was a serious talk. But it's not a total crap either. Just some mind confusing unexplainable sentences. Some kind of chit-chat you can't fully ignore because there's some truth inside, yet to light to be taken seriously.

Seeing the title, I guess I was just come back from a trip or something like that. It really indicate that I've been away for a while and felt good to be back. Something like that I assume. I really cannot make a long story about this one since I totally lost about what the situation was.

But in short, this is where the saying, no place like home really worth every words.

Posted at 11:03 pm by dauphinbleu

July 3, 2015
Can I Call It Destiny?

I don't know.. Should I call it destiny? Or maybe it has something to do with the law of attraction? How many times has it happened before? That we met in coincidence. Or.. the coincidence that I tried to make. You know that I don't believe in coincidence don't you? Everything happens, happen for a reason.

I think it's amazing how when we earnestly wish for something, that special thing come to us eventually. Perhaps because we will keep thinking about it and somehow it will then help us focus our mind and energy to that thing, unconsciously. Thus, everything we do will merely be a way to get it. Our mind is surely work in a unique way.

You know.. There's a saying that, "If something's really meant to be, it will always find a way". Which sometimes I also interpreted as "If it can't find a way, then it's not meant to be". Okay.. Maybe it was just an excuse. But.. don't you think it's funny, how we are not meant to be but seem to always find a way?

Posted at 8:49 pm by dauphinbleu
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May 14, 2015
Happy 4 Years Together

Happy four years together. I'm so glad we made it this far. Though I can't promise you forever, I really appreciate all the times we spent together. All the ups and downs.

This morning when I opened my mailbox, I found this congratulation email.

This is something that I love the most from the company I work for. The way it appreciates its employee got my attention. Okay.. So actually, I'm the type of person who falls for such trick. By trick, I'm not saying that it's bad. In fact, it won me over. Since it's a real life company, I'm gonna tell a real story here.

The fact that I joined because I like the way they represent themselves might not be known to anyone. Well.. How can I tell anyone that its slogan back then, "The Power of We" was the one that drawn my attention. I know, it has some of other good features, a multinational company, a pretty decent compensation and benefit, and maybe career path people looking for. Unfortunately, those are not on my list. I had my own purpose when I decided to work for a company back then.

Living this life, people have their own goal. In longer term, everyone may aim a similar one. Basically, we want to live the life we've always dream of, isn't it? Needless to say, there're a lot of factors involve in the process. Another slogan which is just as magnificent "Doing the right thing, in the right way, with the right people", give some insight about how we shall go through all the process. I think that's how we should really do our things. Well.. This could lead to another topic, I guess..

After all, in this 4th anniversary, I just want to say that I'm proud to be the part of this big family. I'm glad that I have a chance to contribute while learning and growing at the same time. I know I haven't given my best yet and I'm willing to put more effort for the time I have left. I earnestly wish that I can really do something useful for all related parties. Later on, with or without me, please keep doing great and exceptionally implement all the slogan made. It's an honour to be the part of you guys. Even if we can't be together forever, I'm glad you ever be the part of my life.

Posted at 4:18 pm by dauphinbleu
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May 12, 2015
Something a Little Bird Told Me

Do you know the best thing about writing? You can write about anything. Your interest, your hobby, your experience, your life, you self, your point of view, anything! Whether it's your own journey or someone else journey, it doesn't matter. What really matter is how you present it.

You know how words can affect people don't you? Oh no, it's not the words, it's the way you present it. People will listen to you not only for what's you're saying but also how you say it. Of course, if you have a brilliant idea or talking about something that deserves a lot of attention it will arouse curiosity. But even when your speech is not that sophisticated, people will listen to you, if you can present it fabulously.

So.. Got it? It's not always about me. Sometimes, it's just something a little bird told me.

Posted at 9:36 pm by dauphinbleu

May 9, 2015
Pour Out Your Mind

Have you ever feel like you got too many things in your mind? Not the kind of problems which make you feel sick about. Could be ideas or plans you want to implement but have not got enough time to do yet. I love writing. It is something I really passionate about. I used to do it frequently. I did not write about any specific topic, I’m not an expert at all. My writings were just about my daily, my thought, my point of view. Like I said before, I do it for documentation and a way to get a better understanding about both myself and everyone around me.

There were times when something just crossed my mind. Unfortunately, most of the time my gadget was out of reach. When my fingers ready to play with the keyboard, the thoughts just won’t come out. But I don’t want to just let it go. For me letting all my thoughts disappear will be such a loss. Yet, I still skip a lot of chances.

Maybe it’s not that I have no time. Honestly, I made a lot of drafts. Number of the drafts might even equal to the published ones. I just thought that it’s not ready yet to be published. I can write much more about it. What’s more is I started to write in English as a way to improve my skill. But I have a very limited vocab and my grammar is not something I can be proud of.

But then again, it shouldn’t stop from doing what I love to do, don’t you think so? Maybe my writing will be very mess up. No one will understand what I want to convey. But hey, this is my home. There’s a saying, “Home is where the heart is”. So let’s not set rigid rules here. It’s one of my most comfortable places after all.

Posted at 6:21 pm by dauphinbleu
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May 8, 2015
I'm Crazy, Am I Not?

Everytime the lift says, "Sorry to keep you waiting", I feel like I wanna reply, "It's okay, really.."

This is just one of so many things that sometimes made me question my sanity. Well.. maybe the good thing is, I know how to loosen the tight once in a time.

Posted at 1:44 pm by dauphinbleu

May 6, 2015
We Only Live Once

Live the life you want to live. That's the only way to live with no regret. Kadang saat gw ngebaca lagi postingan-postingan lama gw, gw mikir kalau gw mungkin terlalu "dalam" dalam menyikapi sesuatu. You know, there's a part of me that sometimes went too deep into something which makes me unable to just take life as it is, or simply saying, "it's just a part of life, don't take it seriously".

So the thought crossed my mind. Maybe all this time I put too much pressure to myself. What If I try? To take life as it is. To let something come and go without getting too immersed into it. So, I gave it a try. Let something came and passed me by. But.. It didn't feel so good. I feel like I'm such an ignorant. Maybe it just don't fit me.

Come to think of it, human is a unique creature. Everyone has their own distinctive character. We can find someone similar to us. But we can never find someone who's exactly like us. We all unique in our own way. Appreciate it!

People has their very own thought or perception. Running into a situation where your best decision is not something others will take can possibly happen all the times. But let it all bring us down, shall not even be a choice. Live the life you want to live in. We only live once after all.

Posted at 1:50 am by dauphinbleu

April 29, 2015
Seems Like We Have a Connection

Green tea? Mine was Raspberry. Will take a photo next time.

Btw, I don't believe in coincidence.

Posted at 10:53 am by dauphinbleu

April 24, 2015
Can I Borrow Your Heart For A While?

I'll let you borrow mine in return.
Then maybe we can find out what's really going on
Rather than keep groping in the dark
If later it doesn't meet your expectation
I'll give yours back intact, guaranteed!
You don't have to give mine back
It will always be yours anyway..

Posted at 10:53 pm by dauphinbleu

April 20, 2015
Looks Awesome

Not the place, the person! You fool..

Posted at 10:16 pm by dauphinbleu

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